About Our Site

As you probably already know this site contains many useful tools about crypto currency. It has a list of faucets, wallets, miners and more. We even have a blog on our site for even more info.

Why Create Crypto And Pi?

There are actually a lot of reasons why we, originally I, created the site. For the sake of this page I will be takling as a person instead as the whole site. The main reason was to help people learn about the digital world while coronavirus was spreading and infecting the world. Another reason is because I needed a hobby and I wanted to learn something cool and useful that I would use for the rest of my life.

The Story

I started looking up some cool hobbies and I found starting a blog. I created a website using the tool Blogger to create a small blog. But I didn't like how limited it was and I wanted to create something that I could easily control and customize. So I started looking up how to make a site from scratch and I learned that the web is make mostly out of HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript. After learning that I started to learn how to program with HTML on Udemy. I found a couple of free courses there and I enrolled in them and completed them. After learning how to program in HTML, Java Script, and CSS, I started to make my own site. It was a terrible site at first, called about me, it really just said some cool things about me and had a few pictures of a computer on it. I thought that it was amazing at first but then quickly realized that it was worthless. So I deleted it and started over. I made another site called Crypto And Pi and I worked on it for about a month. I really started to get bored working on the site so I stopeed working on it and deleted it. A few months later I found a tool online called InfinityFree. It was free site hosting with php and it allowed me to use Wordpress. I signed up for it and started using it and I made a somewhat decent site. 2 weeks later I found out that browsers and anykind of robot couldn't crawl it becasue of a "firewall" rule. The real reason though is that they just want you to pay for their overpriced service. So just a warning to anyone that stumbles across this site, dont signup for it if you intend to grow. After shutting down the site again I took another long break from my sites. I came back though and I started another site, from scratch, and I worked on that for a while. After working on it for a while and adding stuff to it I published the site to Bing and Google. And that very site is the one that you are currently on and reading.

Thanks For Learning About The Site

Please share this site to help it grow because we really want to help as many people as possible learn about the new digital world and its free. Also in case you were wondering the site creator who wrote this is Grant McNamara.

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