Faucet Ratings

Faucet Description Rating
Faucet Crypto They offer ptc ads, surveys, faucet, levels, challanges, achievements, shortlinks(to be removed), and more! They also have a level system which gives bonuses on the activitys you complete. Fast payouts with a very minimal limit. They have direct payments. 10/10
Bucksify Bucksify has many different offerwalls and they have a faucet. They have a regular payment minimum of $5 and you can be paid in crypto or gift cards. 8/10
SimpleBits Simple Bits is a online crypto mining simulator. You use energy to "mine" scoins and then you eschange those to bound tokens which you can then use to withdraw crypto. This site takes a bit longer because the lower the level the less you earn. 9/10
Roller Coin If you enjoy playing retro games and cryptocurrency then you will like this site. You play retro styled mini games and you earn mining power. However you can also buy miners with the crypto you mine or deposit. This site does take a bit longer to get enough to withdraw though. 6/10
Coin Pot They offer a faucet, offerwalls, ptc ads, shortlinks and more. You can also gamble what you make on their site on there little games to try and multiply what you have. There minimum withdrawl will be easy to get to if you gamble and win. If you just earn and not gamble then it will take a while. 7/10

Other Earning Site Ratings

Site Description Rating
IPRoyal Pawns IPRoyal Pawns is by far the easiest way to earn bitcoin. All you have to do is sign up download the program and start the program. You dont even have to install anything. It works on most devices even mobile phones and you can earn a lot from this site. The minimum withdrawal is $5 USD and they pay via Bitcoin or PayPal. 9/10
Crypto Poly Crypto Poly is somewhat a game where you build a city in the metaverse. Its free to join and start up and their site has a CPY faucet so that you dont have to pay money to build your city. The more buildings you have the more money it makes you each day. Each building has its own stats such as daily payments for your crypto wallet, fees, and the buildings cost. Crypto Poly just launched so it is realativley new but it is still a great way to earn. 9/10